About Me

It all began with a simple bracelet for my stepdaughter. Braiding bracelets was fun and I kept doing it for a while. But after some time I wanted to create something bigger. I made my first dog leash even though I don’t even have a dog. My friends reactions to it were amazing! So I made myself some Jasmin tea, continued to work and over time improved my skills.

And now here I am – creating handmade dog leashes from paracord using an ancient japanese braiding technique called kumihimo. “Kumihimo” roughly translates into English as “braided cord”. It is one of the least known of the traditional arts and crafts of Japan. The most renowned historical use was a functional and decorative way for samurai to lace their armour. This braiding technique is time-consuming and demands focus but I just love to do it! For me it’s like meditating, it calms my nerves and relaxes my mind. 2016 I started braiding, the response was overwhelming and so I started Kanji-Art in 2018.

My friends over at Contour Paracord provide me with beautiful handcrafted beads which I use to create bracelets and other accessories.

I make all my products with great passion! My goal is to provide high quality products that make people happy and shine some light on this ancient braiding technique!